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Great prizes to bid on for the Karen Rohan Fund auction!

The winner of the playoff ticket auction was announced last night, but there are still many more items to bid on at, all proceeds from these great prizes you are bidding on will go to the Karen Rohan Fund.

Karen's story

Although Karen was going through cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment, she still managed to care for her terminally ill husband, her family, and everyone else who needed her. After Karen's many surgeries and complications, her husband, who himself had been a dialysis patient for over ten years, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Karen began remission, but while care for her dying husband, her cancer returned, and the day before her husband passed away, Karen was told that she had a tumor on her brain.  

Karen Rohan 1.jpgAbout three weeks after laying her husband to rest, Karen underwent a biopsy. During the biopsy, complications arose and she became paralyzed on the right side of her body. Only a few days later, the same doctor who performed the biopsy told Karen that the tumor was inoperable and that radiation treatment was her only chance of survival.  

Karen underwent radiation treatment, but suffered terrible burns to her head, ears, neck, and upper extremities. In addition, the radiation treatment resulted in burns to her brain, and became the cause of debilitating headaches.

Throughout everything, Karen has been what many would consider a beacon of faith and hope. She has never complained and has rarely asked for help. We have decided that it is with great humility and privilege that we sponsor the Karen Rohan Fund in an effort to help her in her battle against cancer.

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