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Pittsburgh area crash sends 4 children to hospital

No one ever wants to hear that someone has been injured in a car accident. Such incidents are made that much worse however, when the injured individuals are children. Sadly this was the case earlier this week in Spring Hill.

The crash, which occurred in the late afternoon, happened when two vehicles collided. At least one of the vehicles was transporting children. As a result of the collision, four kids were hurt. While the type and severity of the injuries suffered is not known, the injuries were serious enough that the kids had to be transported to a hospital for treatment. Their injuries may have been in part due to the fact that none of them were secured in the vehicle with seat belts when the incident occurred.

All likely hope that the children recover quickly and do not suffer any long-term damage. Should any of the kids need continued medical care as a result of the incident however, it is possible that their parents could seek monetary damages via a personal injury lawsuit.

The outcome of a personal injury lawsuit would undoubtedly depend in part on how the accident unfolded and who was at fault. Should negligence on the part of another person clearly be a reason for a crash, there is a much better chance of such a lawsuit being successful.

In this case it is not clear which driver is the most to blame for the crash. An investigation by law enforcement that almost certainly occurred following the accident could provide guidance on this.

Source: KDKA, "4 Children Injured In Crash," May 1, 2013

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