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Motorcycle accident in Western Pennsylvania sends man to hospital

While throughout the nation spring is having a hard time determining whether it really wants to arrive, individuals throughout Western Pennsylvania are seizing any opportunity they can to get out with their motorcycles. While this undoubtedly brings joy to many throughout the state, it also has an unfortunate downside-an increase in motorcycle accidents.

Last week one such accident occurred in the New Castle area. A man was taken to a Pittsburgh hospital after the motorcycle he was riding ran into a truck travelling near the intersection of Ellwood Road and Douglas Drive. At the time of the accident which occurred after darkness fell, the truck was in the process of making a left turn off the road and into a driveway. The extent and nature of the man's injuries is not known.

Prior to the collision, the man on the motorcycle was reportedly travelling with another motorcyclist at high rates of speed. Some witnesses indicated they were operating at speeds close to 100 mph.

While the circumstances surrounding motorcycle accidents of course vary, in many instances the fault lies with the driver of the larger vehicle. Often he or she fails to see the much smaller vehicle and its operator resulting in a crash that inflicts injuries upon the motorcyclist and any passengers he or she may have. In these instances it is not uncommon for personal injury lawsuits to be filed against the driver of the vehicle by the injured parties.

In this particular situation it is not as clear cut. Since the operator of the motorcycle was apparently travelling at speeds well above the posted limit, such legal recourse may not be available. If however, the truck driver was deemed to have acted negligently in some way a case may be viable.

Source: New Castle News, "Motorcyclist hurt in truck collision," April 6, 2013

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