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Man blinded in one eye files medical malpractice lawsuit

Victims of medical and surgical errors often sustain severe and painful injuries. In many cases, those who have suffered due to a surgical error are left with permanent and debilitating injuries. In many cases, these individuals would be wise to seek the advice of a legal professional who can help determine whether or not legal action is appropriate and how best to proceed.

The outlined facts of a recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit read like a script from a horror film. A man who underwent cataract surgery claims he awoke while the procedure was underway. Upon awaking prematurely, the man requested that members of the surgical staff stop performing the surgery. Rather than stopping, however, the man alleges surgical staff proceeded to tape his mouth shut and proceed with the surgical procedure.

While attempting to forcibly restrain and "torture" the man, one of the man's teeth was knocked out and he subsequently swallowed it. Additionally, the negligent acts of the doctors and members of the surgical staff resulted in the man suffering irreparable damage to his right eye, resulting in the complete loss of vision in this eye.

The man has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctors and hospital for failure to properly sedate and monitor. Additionally, the lawsuit asserts the hospital's doctors were negligent in knocking out the plaintiff's took, forcibly restraining the plaintiff and causing the plaintiff physical and emotional harm. The man is seeking damages related to mental and physical suffering and pain, permanent disability, loss of function and medical expenses.

Such actions may seem almost unimaginable, but unfortunately do happen. When surgical errors of this nature happen, it's wise for patients to seek the advice of a legal professional.

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Marshall University sued over surgery," Kyla Asbury, Feb. 26, 2013

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