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Winter weather in Pittsburgh often leads to car accidents

Over the course of the past couple of weeks northern states throughout the nation have been dealing with winter weather. In addition to cold temperatures this has meant snow and in some cases freezing rain. Residents of the Pittsburgh area have not been immune to this and drivers contended with heavy snow late last week.

Heavy snow is just one of many factors that can contribute to an increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents occurring on the state of Pennsylvania's roads. The snow can lead to slowed traffic as well as difficulty in seeing the road. It can also lead to slippery roads.

Slippery roads lead to a series of accidents characterized as minor in the Pittsburgh area. While it is fortunate that the accidents related to last week's winter weather inflicted only minor injuries, as is the case when any cars or trucks collide, these crashes can result in serious injuries.

Communities were of course doing what they could to keep the roads in as good of condition as possible. Accordingly, trucks distributing liquid brine and salt were out and about. While this undoubtedly helps keep roads in shape, it takes time for the trucks to cover all of the roads. In part because of this, it is important for drivers to drive in a manner that is appropriate for the roads' condition.

In addition to driving more slowly, it is important to take the time to turn on headlights and completely remove both snow and ice from a vehicle before taking to the road. Doing these simple tasks could make a difference when it comes to getting to one's destination safely.

Source: TribLIVE, "Quick-falling snow makes for slick conditions," Patrick Cloonan, Jan. 26, 2013

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