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Kansas woman files Hepatitis C lawsuit against Pittsburgh hospital, alleges negligence

According the, the website of the Columbus, Indiana newspaper "The Republic," Ms. Linda Ficken is filing a lawsuit against UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Kansas woman believes that the actions of Mr. David Kwiatkowski, a Radiological Technician employed by UPMC in 2008, have caused her to become infected with the hepatitis C virus. "Linda Ficken said in the lawsuit, which was filed in Pittsburgh, that the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was negligent for not telling law enforcement or any government agency that technician David Kwiatkowski allegedly stole and used narcotics in 2008," according to the report in The Republic. Mr. Kwiatkowski faces similar charges in New Hampshire, Maryland, Michigan and Arizona.

Read full story here:–UPMC-Hepatitis-C-Lawsuit

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