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Kansas Couple File Hepatitis C lawsuit Against UPMC and others

By Dallas Hartman of Dallas W. Hartman P.C. posted in Hepatitis C on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

A report today in the Sacramento Bee indicates that a "Kansas couple file hepatitis C suit against UPMC."  The plaintiff, Linda Ficken of Kansas is claiming that UPMC Presbyterian hospital was negligent in its handling of David Kwiatkowski, a hospital technician accused of narcotics use and infecting multiple hospital patients with hepatitis C in New Hampshire.

David Kwiatkowski was employed by UPMC in 2008 where he allegedly injected himself with narcotics and placed infected syringes back into circulation filled with saline.

In June, Kwiatkoski was arrested in New Hampshire after numerous people were infected with the same strain of Hepatitis C after undergoing procedures at the same hospital.

UPMC was named in the suit for failing to alert authorities in 2008 when he was caught using drugs at UPMC Presby.  After being released from work at UPMC, Kwiatkoski went on to work at ten hospitals in eight states.  

Read full story here.


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