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Anesthesiologist sued for amputation of genitalia

It's an allegation of medical malpractice that is too sensational for most, including those in the Pittsburgh area, to miss. The case of the man who sued after his external male genitalia had to be removed due to an infection. Gangrene reportedly set in after the man underwent an elective surgery to get a penile implant in response to erectile dysfunction he was experiencing.

According to the lawsuit, the August 2007 surgery should never have taken place. The man sued the anesthesiologist who administered the drugs at the surgery claiming he should have stopped the surgical procedure because of the patient's health conditions. In addition to diabetes, the man also had high blood pressure.

The lawsuit alleges the anesthesiologist failed to properly evaluate the potential risks of the surgery when he cleared him for the procedure. He also claimed the doctor was only interested in making money and was not concerned with the health of the man. In addition to humiliation, due to the amputation, the man says cannot use the restroom like other men or have sexual relations with his wife.

The anesthesiologist's attorney responded that his client was not the man's surgeon or treating doctor. Accordingly, he claimed his only responsibility was to clear the man for surgery, not worry about his aftercare.

Medical malpractice cases are brought for a wide variety of reasons. A lawsuit of this sort may be appropriate when an injury is sustained in a medical setting due to someone's negligence. Successful cases provide financial compensation for those injuries.

The man who filed the lawsuit has been deported to Peru. He and his wife used Skype to take part in the proceedings.

Earlier this week the jury returned its verdict in the case. It determined the anesthesiologist was not responsible for the infection that set in after the surgery. It took less than 30 minutes for them to reach the decision.

Source: Courthouse News, "Jury Clears Doctor In Lost Penis Case," Marimer Matos, May 23, 2012

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