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$17 million settlement in boat crash that killed 2

In a post earlier this week, details were given regarding a Duck boat crash that killed two Hungarian tourists, including a 16-year-old girl that used her last few, precious seconds of life to attempt to save another. Just days after the opening arguments in the litigation, it is reported that a settlement has already been reached for this boating accident.

It appears that the two companies, Ride the Ducks and K-Sea Transportation Partners, will by paying a total of $17 million in damages. $15 million will go to be spilt by the families of the Hungarian tourists and the remaining $2 million will be divided up between 18 additional parties that were injured in the crash.

The exact amounts to be paid and received have yet to be determined. The 18 other injured parties may receive compensation corresponding to the severity of the injuries suffered. Additionally, it appears that K-Sea was deemed more negligent because the first mate had his radio that was issue crashing warnings turned down, and he moved to a point on the barge that inhibited his vision.

However, the Duck boat was improperly stopped and is also deemed partially negligent. The important thing is that not only the families of decedents, but the additional victim's injured in the crash are compensated. The punitive damages awarded in the wrongful death cases will hopefully give the mourning families some sense of justice being served.

Source: Reuters, "Ride the Duck Boat Crash Settled for $17M," Stephanie Rabiner, May 11, 2012

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