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Several drivers injured during police chase near Pittsburgh

For most people, driving is a mundane experience. But imagine what it would be like if, while you were casually traveling to your destination, you suddenly found yourself in the middle of an erratic high speed police chase. That is exactly what happened to one Pennsylvania woman who became entangled in an intense police pursuit near Pittsburgh that resulted in a motor vehicle accident last week.

According to news reports, the chase began when an officer approached a parked vehicle to investigate what appeared to be suspicious activity. Rather than cooperating with the police officer, the driver of the vehicle fled, nearly hitting the officer with his car. This sparked a high intensity chase that reached speeds of over 80 mph.

The chase continued for nearly two miles before the vehicle collided with several other cars and came to a stop after running a stop sign and ramming into a large truck. According to authorities and eye witnesses, the impact of the crash sent the vehicle flipping through the air. It landed on the roof of the car driven by an unsuspecting woman. While the woman was not severely injured in the collision, she told reporters that she was "in shock" and severely shaken by the crash.

A man who lived near the scene of the accident reported that police officers surrounded the suspect's car once it came to a rest. He recalled that they had their guns drawn and were demanding that the driver show is hands and get out of the car. The suspect and his passenger, a teenage girl, were both taken to the hospital for treatment following the crash. It is not currently clear what consequences the driver will face.

Source: msnbc, "2 hurt in police chase, crash," May 3, 2012

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