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Possible boating accident victim found near Ohio River

There is nothing like relaxing on a nice day and feeling the wind whip through your hair as a boat carrying you gracefully tears through the water. This serene picture can quickly turn to one of terror if the boat were to capsize. Boating accidents are happening with increasing frequency across Ohio as the waterways become more heavily populated with commercial vessels and boaters seeking leisure.

Recently, a man searching for deer antlers in the river bottom came across a shocking discovery–the body of a young man. The body is believed to be connected to a boating accident that occurred in late 2010.

Authorities say that the body recovered near the Ohio River is believed to be that of a hunter that disappeared when the boat he was in capsized in Dec. of 2010. That chilly day in December, the hunter and two friends were hunting waterfowl when their boat flipped. The two friends made it to shore but the remaining hunter has yet to be seen since the incident.

The body has not yet been positively identified as the missing hunter, although the clothing found on the body matches that which the missing hunter was last seen wearing. Autopsy results being conducted in Hamilton, Ohio will later confirm the identity.

It is difficult to say what went wrong in this situation. It is important when boating that all safety precautions are properly adhered to and that all boaters properly equip themselves in case of an emergency. Always wear life jackets and be alert at all times.

Source: Local 12, "Body Found in Indiana May Be 2010 Boating Accident Victim," Feb. 27, 2012

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