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Workplace Injuries

What industry has among the highest rates of workplace injuries?

When we're sick or injured, the last thing we're thinking about is other people's problems. Unfortunately, the very people who take care of us when we feel the worst are at a surprisingly high risk of workplace accidents and occupational...
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Westmoreland County limestone mine accident leaves 3 injured

A mine collapse at the Whitney Plant in Unity Township, Pennsylvania has injured three workers. All three workers were hurt when a massive ground fall of dirt and stone fell on them while they were in the entrance to a...
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Keep workers’ hands safe!

For the average worker, their hands play a big role in completing the tasks associated with their job. Because of this it makes sense that employers would take steps to prevent hand injuries in the workplace. In this post we...
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Nurses who move patients at risk for injuries

In the past we have discussed some of the dangers that exist for individuals who work in the healthcare field. While many individuals could be injured while interacting with patients during a stay in the hospital, far and away nurses...
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Medical worker seeks damages for injuries suffered in fall

In previous posts we have written about the dangers associated with working in the medical field. The locations in which a health care professional might be injured are not limited to hospitals and doctor's offices. As a lawsuit recently filed...
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Dressing for the weather could prevent worker injuries

Cold weather presents risks to many individuals throughout the state of Pennsylvania. For many, the risk involves negotiating tricky driving conditions. For those whose occupation takes them outside however, there are other matters to be concerned about--namely how the cold...
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Do you know how to protect your back while working?

Each day individuals throughout the nation injure themselves while working. The types of injuries vary depending on the specific situation but include those affecting a person's back. Under some circumstances the injury may be serious enough to result in missing...
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The potentially major repercussions of minor injuries

When people think about workplace injuries that affect a worker's ability to perform a job, they often think of major traumas like a brain injury, amputation or broken bones.However, there are a number of minor conditions a person can experience...
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