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Is your office a minefield of hidden dangers?

It's not hard to imagine how construction workers or others engaged in heavy industrial work could get injured on the job. Falls from a height, malfunctioning heavy machinery, chemical spills or fires can be serious dangers at such job sites, leading to potentially catastrophic and vivid injury scenarios. But how about people who work in an office? Are cubicle workers safe from such horrors in their relatively tame environment? 

Unfortunately, no. While office environments present a relatively tame image, workers in so-called 'cube farms' aren't immune from workplace dangers. Below is a list of potential hazards that can cause serious injury at an office workplace: 

Exposed cords. Electrical cords that stretch across a room can cause a trip-and-fall accident.


Non-carpeted floors. Slippery surfaces can lead to slip-and-fall accidents, particularly if floors are wet from spills or people tracking in water from outside. 

Unattended space heaters. This is a fire hazard, particularly when heaters are placed near papers or other flammable materials. 

Stacked boxes. Heavy boxes that are stacked too high can fall on people walking past, causing head or neck injuries. 

Open file cabinets. Workers who don't see the open drawers can walk into them, causing bruises and lacerations. 

Blind corners. Workers who can't see who else is coming around the corner can collide, causing a fall, bruising or other injuries. 

Poorly adjusted equipment. Chairs, keyboards, desks and other office equipment that doesn't property fit the employee can lead to repetitive stress syndrome or other physical strain that can limit a person's ability to do their job. 

Open, unguarded paper cutters. Paper cutter blades are sharp and dangerous, and should not remain exposed where they can cause injury. 

Just because you work in an office instead of a construction site doesn't mean you're entirely safe from a work-related injury. If you've been hurt in an office setting, a lawyer can help you file a workers' compensation claim and take any other necessary steps to collect compensation you may be owed for your recovery.


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