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Workers’ Compensation

Is Obesity A Disability?

Not unless the condition results from an underlying physical disorder, according to a recent ruling from the Court of Appeals in the Eighth Circuit. In the case in question, a man had been offered a machinist job, contingent on a post-hire...
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Some states move to reduce workers’ compensation benefits

In 2006, Ohio passed a law that reduced the amount of time injured workers could collect workers' compensation from 4 years to 1 year. The reduction applies to cases in which workers are no longer physically compromised, but nevertheless are...
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Can you be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

Technically, no. When employers take adverse actions against an employee when that employee exercises rights, this is known as retaliation. If you do file a workers' compensation claim and you are fired shortly thereafter, you may have a retaliation case...
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Can you get workers’ comp if you get hurt helping someone else?

That's a question that will soon go before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. An appeals court has ruled that an injured worker was, in fact, eligible for compensation for injuries sustained as he tried to help a fellow worker who had...
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Are employers liable for painkiller overdose and death?

Workers who are injured on the job are often given prescription opioid medications to help relieve the pain. While these drugs can provide much-needed respite from severe pain, in some cases the drugs can lead to addiction or even overdose...
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How do I appeal a workers’ compensation denial?

If your workers' compensation claim has been denied, it's understandable that you may be frustrated and discouraged. But you shouldn't give up: many claims that are initially denied get approved on appeal. But appealing your decision means filing the right...
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What if you’re offered a job while collecting wage-loss benefits?

Receiving workers' compensation benefits, including wage-loss benefits, can be a great relief when you've been injured on the job and are unable to work for a period of time. Having the financial breathing room and access to medical care you...
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What happens if you’re injured out of state?

It depends. Originally, workers' compensation laws in Pennsylvania were intended to apply only to workers who actually worked within the state. Those laws have been expanded over time to include people who work in other states under certain conditions. Simply...
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What is an “occupational disease”?

An occupational disease is an illness that develops in a worker as a result of his or her repeated exposure to a hazardous work condition. As opposed to the acute and traumatic nature of common construction site accidents, which we...
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Work-related illness claims more difficult than injury claims

Workers' compensation was set up during a time when most work injuries were trauma-related. Today, deaths from occupational illness far outnumber deaths from work injuries. But the system often fails workers who become ill at work because of acute or...
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Putting the hurt on workers’ comp

Here in Pennsylvania, virtually every employee is covered by workers' compensation. That includes part-time and seasonal workers, and it includes employees of nonprofit organizations, and even people who work for a company with a single employee. But plans are in...
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Listen to this

It's the sound no one really wants to hear: silence. Unfortunately, about 20 percent of Americans suffer some degree of hearing loss. While many of the losses are due to aging, there are also other causes of hearing loss that...
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