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Nursing home resident who wandered away found dead

Throughout the nation, families find themselves making the decision to place loved ones, who for a variety of reason can no longer care for themselves, in nursing homes. The idea behind these facilities, many of which are located in the state of Pennsylvania, is that their loved ones will be looked after 24-7 by qualified nursing home staff. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and at times nursing home neglect and abuse leads to death for some residents.

The family of a man who was a nursing home resident in a state in the Midwest recently became acquainted with possible nursing home neglect when the man died after wandering away from the facility one morning. His body was found that night in a nearby creek. According to police, it appeared that the75-year-old man had fallen into the creek which was located approximately a mile and a half away from the facility. The temperatures that day reached over 100 degrees.

It is not clear how the man, who reportedly had Alzheimer's, managed to leave the nursing home and it was apparently not the first time it had happened. Depending on the circumstances, the family of the man who died may decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home they had entrusted the care of their loved one with. Such a lawsuit is a way to hold responsible any individuals or entities that acted in a negligent manner that resulted in a death.

These cases are often very difficult proceedings for those who chose to file them. Nonetheless, when successful in addition to compensation, they often provide the closure necessary to make it possible to move forward.

Source: Associated Press, "Missing Mo. nursing home patient found dead," July 23, 2012

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