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Failure to Diagnose

Are M.R.I. scans overused in sports medicine?

For people throughout Pennsylvania who are injured while exercising a M.R.I. scan seems like the logical way to diagnose an injury and determine if surgery is warranted. There are some in the sports medicine field however who do not agree.Some...
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Virtual radiologists may put patients at risk

Virtually every medical consumer has undergone a diagnostic test such as an X-ray, a CT scan or an MRI. Failure to diagnose certain health conditions at their early stages can have serious implications, so patients get the tests and wait...
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Medical malpractice award upheld, PA widow receives $5.2 million

Medical issues can be serious. When one feels sick or is experiencing pain, it is assumed that after a trip to the doctor, one will probably know what is wrong as well as what needs to be done to take...
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