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Amylin Pharmaceutical’s Byetta among worst of diabetes drugs to be called into court

It was announced only a few weeks ago that people who have filed claims against Bristol-Myers Squibb and its subsidiary, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, in regards to the drug Byetta, will be moving forward with their cases in due time.

Recent developments over the course of the past few months have led to a judge overseeing dozens of lawsuits in a U.S. District Court for California's Southern District. All of the claims allege that the makers of Byetta, a medication prescribed to treat people with Type 2 diabetes, have sold the drug to people knowing of the detrimental effects it can have on the pancreas, kidneys, and thyroid.

As the process has gotten underway, victims of Byetta are being assured that if they do believe that they have indeed been affected by the drug, they will be dealt with accordingly and those whose attorneys can prove as much will be getting compensation for their pain, suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.  

The judge of the U.S. District Court of Southern California has recently issued an order providing a number of strict deadlines attorneys for plaintiffs must follow. Among those is the determining the statute of limitations for each client and their respective state.

Attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants met with the judge last Thursday, November 21, to discuss proceedings and possible negotiations that may lead to settlements instead of litigation. Among the lawsuits filed against a number of Type 2 diabetes drugs manufacturers, Byetta and Januvia will be the two most likely targeted throughout the proceedings.  

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