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Can technology applied to figure skating help with birth injury?

For most parents throughout the Pittsburgh area the day their child enters the world is one of the best of their lives. When that child suffers a birth injury however, the joy of welcoming the newborn can be mixed with confusion, worry and fear. These feelings may arise when one's child is diagnosed with brachial plexus birth palsy.

Also known as BPBP, this birth injury affects the use of the baby's arm and shoulder. While in many instances those babies ultimately recover, in the worst cases a child does not grow out of it and his or her arm is paralyzed.

Children dealing with BPBP may benefit from research that is being done into how figure skaters can improve their jumping. The research involves motion analysis technology specifically focused on trying to capture the way the shoulder blade or scapula, moves. Ultimately, it could make it possible for surgery to be performed on those children to move tendons to make it possible for them to use their shoulders and arms again.

In the meantime, there are of course children living with the birth injury. Those individuals may need medical treatment to help them as they grow older. This treatment can be expensive and frustrating to have to deal with. This is particularly true when the injury is due to negligent actions of a healthcare provider. Most assume that when they seek medical assistance they, and their unborn child, will not be further injured the process. When it does happen, some find that a medical malpractice lawsuit is helpful not only financially, but emotionally as well.

Source: UDaily, "Marking the spot," Diane Kukich, Feb. 27, 2013

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