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Child thrown from car in Sharon accident

Responsible adults around the country use child safety seats for the children in their care however some of them may not be aware that the seat is not installed correctly, or the child may not be properly secured in the seat.

On the morning of May 21, a single-car accident in Sharon resulted in a toddler being thrown from the car seat. While we do not know the extent of the child’s injuries or the reason the child was thrown, it is important to review the child safety and child restraint laws in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, children 2 years old and younger must be secured in a rear-facing car seat until the child outgrows the maximum weight and height limits designated by the car seat manufacturer. Children from ages 2 to 8 must be restrained in an appropriate car seat or booster seat, and children from ages 8 to 18 must use a seat belt.

The installation of the child safety seat is also of great importance and improper installation can result in injury or even death. If you are unsure about the installation of your child’s safety seat, the Pennsylvania State Police can help. Simply call your closest state police barracks and set up an appointment for a certified child safety seat technician to either install or check your safety seats.

Despite all of the precautions that adults take to protect children, sometimes the child safety seats fail due to a manufacturer defect. If your child has been injured due to a faulty child safety seat, please call our office at (724) 652-4081 to speak to one of our experienced injury lawyers.

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