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Workers’ compensation: a key workplace protection

At every hour of the day, every day, legions of workers across Pennsylvania and Ohio dutifully clock in at their respective workplaces. They consistently provide their employers with conscientious and sustained on-the-job effort that promotes company goals and their enterprise's financial bottom line.

In doing so, they have a reasonable expectation in a safety-and-health-based reciprocity that recognizes their contributions. Namely, that is the assurance that they and their families will be adequately protected in the event that they suffer a work-related accident or injury that necessitates time away from work.

America has long recognized that right and essential bargain between workers and employers, with workers' compensation schemes being operative in every state.

The workers' compensation rationale is simple and straightforward, as well as succinctly stated on our website at the long-tenured personal injury law firm of Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. Workers' comp, we note, "is designed to recover an employee's economic loss during their period of recovery."

Notwithstanding that perceived simplicity in intent, though, inherent and recurrent complexities often attach to the workers' comp process and claims filed by employees.

That is, time limits apply. A manager might disagree with a worker regarding the cause or limitations resulting from an accident or injury. A doctor's input might materially differ from what an employee knows to be the truth. Flat-out ultimatums might confront an injured worker who simply cannot perform — even in limited fashion — his or her customary workplace duties.

There are multiple — and urgent — reasons for a Pennsylvania or Ohio worker to timely contact a proven workers' compensation attorney following a debilitating on-the-job accident or injury.

The benefits available under workers' compensation can be a critical lifeline for a worker and family that desperately need them. An experienced legal advocate can help ensure that the program works as intended for an employee making a legitimate claim of entitlement.

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