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Motor vehicle accidents: yes, it’s dangerous out there

We all know that one hand on the wheel and the other wrapped around a smartphone does not spell a good combination when it comes to roadway safety in Pennsylvania, Ohio or anywhere else across the country.

It fact, it is a prescription for disaster, with reams of empirical data existing to underscore just how adverse — and, often, fatal — the results are when a motorist does not fully fix his or her attention on road-related details while moving along a street or highway.

We note on a page of our website focused on motor vehicle accidents that "13,000 people have been injured or killed since 1990 in crashes caused by aggressive driving alone."

As obviously tragic and even horrifying as that number is, it equates to just a small minority of serious and deadly crashes that routinely occur across the country that centrally owe to things like driver fatigue, the involvement of alcohol, non-driving-related distractions (one can easily enough conjure up a score of those) and additional factors.

The overriding culprit serving as catalyst in many sad driving outcomes is third-party negligence, pure and simple.

Thankfully, there are laws that address careless driving and provide meaningful remedies to individuals and families that are adversely affected by it.

And the lawyers working in the multiple Pennsylvania and Ohio offices of Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., Attorneys at Law, regularly help injury victims aggressively pursue those remedies and obtain maximum recoveries.

We are unstinting in our efforts to do so, knowing from long experience that negligence victims often have a dire need for financial help to pay for medical expenses, recoup money from lost time at work and deal with the emotional pain and suffering related to a major detriment they never sought.

Our attorneys have collectively been advocating with knowledge and passion on behalf of motor vehicle accident victims for many decades. We welcome readers' questions and contacts to the firm.

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