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Young expectant mother discusses her life after contracting Hepatitis C at McKay-Dee Hospital

Late last year, McKay-Dee and Davis Hospitals in Utah sent out letters to over 7,200 people warning patients of a possible exposure to Hepatitis C after a nurse was discovered diverting drugs.

Our firm was contacted by many people who had received the letters and we partnered with the Layton, Utah firm of Feller & Wendt and nationally recognized Attorney Harry Bell to pursue cases against the hospitals.

One of the people who contacted us was a young mother, pregnant with her third child, who had tested positive for Hepatitis C. She is one of 16 confirmed by The Center for Disease Control from exposure at McKay-Dee and Davis Hospitals. While treatment for many of the others has started, our client cannot start treatment until she gives birth to her baby.

Last week, the young mother, Attorney Thaddeus Wendt and Attorney Dorothy Dohanics were interviewed by several Utah news outlets about her case.

“It is terrifying to think you have a child inside of you.” Due in June, this young mother says she never would have thought about having a baby if she knew she was infected with Hepatitis C.

We were very proud of our client’s candor and bravery in speaking about her experiences. Although she chose not to disclose her identity, she openly discussed her feelings and some of the experiences she has had since she was treated at McKay-Dee emergency room by Elet Neilson.

“As a mother of two, I understand the normal stress associated with any healthy pregnancy. I cannot imagine the added stress that this Hepatitis C diagnosis is causing for our client,” said Attorney Dohanics.

In addition to the added stress on her pregnancy, she is also concerned for the safety of her two young daughters.

Please click here to read the full story or watch the interview that was done by KUTV in Salt Lake City.

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