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Finding answers after a car accident

After a serious motor vehicle accident, victims and their families often have more questions than answers. What happened? How bad are the injuries? How will I get around while my car is being fixed?

Perhaps one of the most crucial questions that will need to be answered, however, is who is to blame for the crash. This information will help people determine what their next steps are in terms of taking legal action. There are a few ways to determine liability.

To begin with, you can speak with the other people involved in the accident. Immediately after a crash, all parties are expected to stay on the scene, exchange information and speak with authorities if necessary. At this time, you might uncover critical details from witnesses or the other drivers about what happened.

In many cases, you may not get the information you need at this time. Information might not be readily available or you may not be able to stay on the scene because you need immediate medical attention. In these cases, parties like accident re-constructionists, police officers and insurance agents will be looking for answers.

If you are not satisfied with the answers you get or if questions go unanswered, you may need to take more aggressive action to figure out who was to blame by speaking with an attorney. There are legal avenues and approaches to determining who or what is to blame for a crash of which you may be unaware or that you may not know how to access.

The attorneys at our law firm have experience working with victims of car accidents who are looking for answers. We have helped people across Pennsylvania and Ohio identify and pursue a legal claim against the liable party to collect the compensation they may deserve. For information on our attorneys and our background in car accident claims, please visit our website.

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