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Light snow may be more dangerous to drivers than heavy snowstorms

Winter brings with it icy and slick conditions that can imperil all drivers on the road. Intuitively, it may seem that heavier snowfalls would cause more dangerous road conditions and reduced visibility that could lead to a greater incidence of accidents and injuries. However, some believe that lighter snowfalls could be even more dangerous to drivers.

That's because drivers operating under light snow conditions may not recognize how dangerous the roads have become, and may fail to adjust their speed accordingly. Furthermore, drivers can easily forget that roads that are not yet covered in snow can still be very slippery. In fact, if the roads haven't yet been salted and sanded, they can be even more slippery than roads that have already been plowed, salted and/or sanded. 

On highways, drivers who fail to adjust their speed can lose control in slippery conditions and cause pile-ups, sometimes of dozens of cars at a time. In these highway pileup situations, it can be difficult to determine who ultimately was at fault for the accident, or if a cascade of events was to blame. These highway pileups can cause serious injury, not just because of the high speeds at which people drive on the highway, but also because each car that slams into the next can create a domino effect with the other cars, ultimately causing multiple collisions, each of which could lead to new injuries. 

Every winter it takes time to remember how to drive defensively in adverse weather conditions. It's important to remember that it's not just white-out conditions that are dangerous to drivers; even a light dusting of snow can prove catastrophic for drivers who are not paying attention. If you've been in a multi-car pileup as a result of poor winter driving conditions, you can benefit from consulting with a personal injury lawyer to determine if a lawsuit could help you secure the compensation you need to help pay for medical bills and other costs related to your accident. 

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