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Another FedEx worker dies in work accident

It is that heartwarming time of year, when we see more FedEx and UPS trucks on the roads. With the holidays having arrived, family and friends are sending each other gifts to show their love and appreciation. With this happy time of year, however, come some risks for accidents.

Behind every FedEx package you receive is a job, and workers who dedicate the precious hours of their days to serving the needs of people not only in Pennsylvania but across the world. One worker who helped FedEx deliver its services lost his life earlier this week. Now his work accident is under investigation.

The recent workplace accident happened at FedEx's out-of-state hub but highlights how dangerous certain lines of work can be. On Sunday, the victim in this case was driving a FedEx tug truck, which transports packages to and from the company's planes and warehouse. Somehow, the worker wound up under the vehicle trailer, having died from his injuries. 

OSHA continues to investigate the fatal work incident. It is crucial following any accident like this that a company's safety regulations, machines, and other factors are evaluated to ensure that the accident couldn't have reasonably been prevented. Workers should be properly trained and protected, machines should be properly maintained, and any other workplace hazards shouldn't be present at a work site.

Jobs involving heavy machinery are particularly dangerous. The death of the 39-year-old FedEx worker in this recent case (and the two other similar deaths in five years) are proof of that. Someone who has been injured in an industrial or other work accident should reach out to a personal injury attorney with experience in worker safety cases to learn about their rights.

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