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Stay safe this 4th of July with these safety tips

The Fourth of July is a time full of family traditions, enjoying the summer weather, cookouts, fireworks and swimming. To help you and your loved ones stay safe this holiday weekend we've compiled a list of safety tips and statistics to help avoid accidents and keep everyone injury free.

Firework Safety

On average, nearly 10,000 fireworks related injuries are treated in United States' emergency rooms in the month surrounding the Fourth of July. Most of these injuries are burns and the most common body parts injured are the hands and fingers. To help avoid injuries, follow these five tips:

  • Always read directions before using
  • Never point a firework at people
  • Have a bucket of water and hose handy
  • Light one firework at a time and keep a safe distance away
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket

Pool Safety

Drowning is the number one cause of death for children between the ages of one and four. To help ensure their safety, it is critical that they are monitored by an adult. Also, make sure that all children that are swimming follow safety precautions and use some type of flotation device.

For adults, 70 percent of drowning incidents that occur with recreational water have alcohol involved. Avoid drinking alcohol when swimming.

The last safety issue associated with swimming is often overlooked because of its laughable nature. Twenty percent of Americans admit to urinating in swimming pools. When the urea from the urine mixes with the pool chemicals, highly toxic byproducts can be formed that can cause several severe problems like heart and lung disease as well as less severe symptoms like eye irritation.

Cookout Safety

To stay safe at your family gatherings and cookouts follow these tips:

  • Keep grill away from branches and buildings
  • Keep children away from grill
  • Cut up hot dogs for children. Hot dogs are the number one choking hazard for young children
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Supervise grill when in use
  • Do not permit underage drinking

Help keep this Fourth of July safe and enjoyable with these safety tips. Nothing ruins the festive environment that Independence Day brings like an accident so stay safe and enjoy your holiday weekend.

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