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PennDOT employee killed, four others injured in crash

Tragedy struck the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, workers and workers' families late last week. A PennDOT worker was killed and four other workers injured in a single-vehicle crash in a rural, northern part of the state, about 250 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

According to news reports, investigators have yet to pinpoint the cause of the crash. The 53-year-old driver apparently lost control of the state vehicle as it rounded a curve. It then struck a pole and guardrails before plunging down an embankment and overturning. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the wreck; the other four were hospitalized in Williamsport.

In similar situations, accident injury victims and families that have lost loved ones will wonder how they can be compensated for medical expenses, lost income and other damages. The financial repercussions of such a violent accident can be severe and long-lasting.

We can't address the specifics of this accident, but we can tell you that in many similar circumstances, those injured in work-related car accidents will be eligible for workers' compensation. That means their medical expenses are covered and a portion of their wages are replaced until they can return to their jobs. In other situations, injured workers might be able to pursue a third-party claim against a driver of another vehicle who causes the accident.

An attorney experienced in both workers' compensation claims and motor vehicle accident claims can help you understand your available legal options and enable you to pursue full compensation from available sources.

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