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Workplace safety? There are apps for that

There are many things that individuals and companies do to try to keep workers safe. As technology has infiltrated so many parts of our lives the area of workplace safety has not been left behind. Instead, many apps focused on that objective have been created. There are so many that the national director of Compliance Programs for ASSE recently conducted a study focused on the subject.

As a part of the study, more than 150 EHS apps were looked at. They were all assessed based on multiple criteria including:

  • Registration requirements
  • Subscription model
  • Design
  • Content
  • Size of the app
  • Cost

Based upon the information obtained, the list was cut down to 10.

The apps that made the cut cover a verity of workplace safety issues including falls and ladder safety. They also focus on topics such as hazardous chemicals and ergonomics. Others provide first aid information or information on the weather.

The use of these apps could help prevent injuries or minimize those suffered. When workplace accidents that result in injuries do occur it is possible that workers could be seriously hurt. Depending on the severity of the injury the worker could be away from his or her job for a long period of time. In those situations for many, the lack of income can become an issue, particularly as expenses related to the injury mount.

For workers who find themselves in this situation it is not uncommon to seek workers' compensation benefits from their employer. To obtain them a claim must be filed. When a claim is denied initially it can be beneficial to seek assistance from a workers' compensation lawyer.

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