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Rolling, rolling, rolling

It's the perfect time of the year across western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio for people to kick those engines over and ride like the wind. The next few warm and hot months provide the best weather of the year and some of the best times of the year as motorcyclists take road trips with friends and family.

No one really wants to think about it, but it's a subject that must be discussed: the possibility of those one of those good times ending in a motorcycle accident leaving you with serious injuries. It's a very real danger; one you can do your best to prevent.

Two of the very best motorcycle safety tips offered by respected Consumer Reports is that you should not go faster than conditions allow, and that you should always be aware of the other motor vehicles on the roads. Those vehicles are much bigger than yours, much heavier and they're driven by people who are not always aware that motorcyclists have the same road rights that they hold.

Of course, drivers of cars, pick-ups and SUVs are not always aware that you're even on the road. So it's incumbent on you to drive defensively: keep distance between you and them, be ready to apply your brakes at all times, be aware of upcoming intersections, be aware of road conditions (gravel, bumps, potholes, curves, etc.) and so on.

Consumer Reports notes that research shows "that in collisions involving a motorcycle and a car, car drivers were at fault 60 percent of the time." The results of those collisions can mean head injuries, broken bones, internal injuries and more for motorcyclists.

When you are physically and emotionally ready to discuss your legal options, you'll find experienced motorcycle accident attorneys available to help. Many times, an injured cyclist will receive full and fair compensation by having their lawyer conduct negotiations with the car driver's insurer. In some situations, litigation is the best way to obtain favorable results.

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