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Is Pennsylvania too lenient when it comes to DUI?

Drunk drivers can cause massive amounts of harm on the roads. Their conduct can cause auto accidents that leave innocent individuals with injuries that can have major physical, mental, emotional and financial effects.

The civil legal system in Pennsylvania provides victims of drunk drivers with various different avenues for seeking compensation for the harms done to them. Now, the laws regarding personal injury claims related to drunk driving accidents can be rather complex and personal injury cases related to drunk driving accidents can get very complicated very fast. Thus, drunk driving accident victims may find having a skilled personal injury attorney on their side to be very helpful when seeking just compensation. 

While it is encouraging that there are ways for drunk driving accident victims to pursue compensation for harms inflicted on them, one would hope that individuals here in Pennsylvania would never have to be subjected to such accidents. Thus, one thing that pretty much everyone in Pennsylvania would hope for is that drunk driving would go down in the state.

Many things can influence how prevalent drunk driving is in a state. One is what sorts of DUI laws the state has. The findings of a recent report raise some serious questions regarding the strength of Pennsylvania's DUI laws.

The report, done by WalletHub, looked at factors regarding DUI laws and related matters and used these factors to rank the states and Washington D.C. based on how strict they are when it comes to DUI. Pennsylvania ended up ranking near the very bottom. Specifically, the report gave Pennsylvania a rank of 49 in the DUI strictness list, meaning there were only two other places in the country that the report found to be less strict in regards to DUI than Pennsylvania.

Do you think Pennsylvania has lenient DUI laws? If so, do you think such leniency is causing the state's DUI laws to not be as strong of a deterrent against drunk driving as they should be? What impact do you think the current state of Pennsylvania's DUI laws is having on the occurrence levels of drunk driving in the state? Do you think Pennsylvania's DUI laws should be stricter? If so, what sorts of changes would you like to see made to such laws?

Source: abc27, "Analysis: Pa. DUI laws among most lenient in US," Myles Snyder, June 16, 2015

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