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Keep workers’ hands safe!

For the average worker, their hands play a big role in completing the tasks associated with their job. Because of this it makes sense that employers would take steps to prevent hand injuries in the workplace. In this post we will provide some tips on what can be done in the workplace to accomplish this.

The first is to eliminate any hazards that could result in a hand injury. This may be accomplished with job controls or engineering. In some situations the hazardous piece of equipment might be removed. Other times it might be modified. In still other situations equipment that is outdated should be upgraded.

Workers who are exposed to a dangerous workplace setting should be provided personal protective equipment that is adequate. When it comes to preventing hand injuries, by simply wearing a pair of gloves, many incidents could be eliminated.

The creation of policies and procedures is also important. Once they are created, training on them must also be provided. When workers fail to comply with the policies, there should be a way to enforce them. On the other end of the spectrum, providing recognition when safety protocol is being followed can help to bring everyone on board with them. When over time the policies become outdated, they should be revised.

When a worker does injure his or her hand in the course of completing a task related to work, it is possible that he or she could seek workers' compensation benefits to help cover expenses that arise in relation to the injury or while the person is healing.

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