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Construction workers struck in work zones

Stories about workers killed in construction zones due to careless driving are all too common. As construction season is once again upon us, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is asking for drivers on our highways to slow down when proceeding through these zones.

Due to Act 89, also known as the Pennsylvania Transportation Plan, more work zones will be present in our state than in previous years. While construction workers no doubt appreciate the extra work, they will also be facing increasing dangers due to actions of careless drivers.

Though there are constant reminders requesting drivers to drive with care when going through construction zones, these accidents continue to occur. According to PennDOT, there were over 1,800 construction zone accidents in 2013. These accidents were responsible for 16 deaths.

One 60-year-old man was killed in a construction zone in December 2014, but it's unknown if the responsible driver will be charged. This past June, a driver went past a flagger and struck construction worker fixing potholes. This worker says he's lucky to be alive as he received only minor injuries. He added that he's noticed drivers becoming less and less patient. "The aggressiveness is increasing with drivers, and electronic devices are not helping," the construction worker stated.

Law enforcement officers hope to step up enforcement of work zone violations. Unfortunately, enforcement alone likely won't prevent all accidents from occurring.

Workers have a right to expect compensation for injuries of this type. Since the accidents are often serious and involve severe injuries, it's important to have experienced attorney representation for victims to ensure full compensation.

Source: Berks Regional News, "Worker hit in construction zone urges drivers to slow down," James Stover, March 23, 2015

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