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Workers’ Compensation benefits granted for PTSD

Workers' compensation benefits were granted by the Commonwealth Court last Tuesday to a Pennsylvania man that was managing a liquor store when the store was the target of an armed robbery. The Court ruled that the Pennsylvania man was due workers' compensation benefits for the psychological trauma he suffered during the robbery.

This Morrisville, Pennsylvania man was managing a state store when the masked assailants entered the store, held a gun to his head, made him hand over cash from the cash register, and then duct taped him to a chair. As a result of this event, he could not return to work because he thought about the robbery continually. He also experienced night terrors, had trouble sleeping, and constantly feared for his life.

This man's workers' compensation claim was originally denied by the Common Court. However, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the Common Court needed to review its decision. The second time around, the Common Court ruled in favor of the Pennsylvania man and granted his workers' compensation benefits. The second ruling by the Commonwealth Court stated that the robbery was "not a normal working condition" for the Morrisville man despite the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's opposition that he was trained in how to handle a robbery and it was a normal work condition.

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Source: PennLive. "State liquor store manager deserves workers comp over trauma from armed robbery, Pa. court says". 30 Dec 2014.

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