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Do you know how to protect your back while working?

Each day individuals throughout the nation injure themselves while working. The types of injuries vary depending on the specific situation but include those affecting a person's back. Under some circumstances the injury may be serious enough to result in missing work while healing. During that period of time an injured worker may be able to secure workers' compensation benefits to help cover things such as the expenses associated with the injury.

Upon returning to work after recovering from a back injury the worker needs to take steps to make sure that he or she does not reinjure him or herself.

In some cases, a return will need to be accompanied by changes to your work station. For those who sit at a desk for most of the day, if available, an ergonomic expert may be able to suggest changes to your chair or regular movements. Taking short walks a couple times a day may also help to keep back pain in check.

If your job entails lifting objects, wearing a back brace may be a good idea. Learning how to lift correctly can make a difference as well. This can be accomplished by standing close to what is to be lifted and taking a wide stance. When actually lifting, tighten stomach muscles and bend at the knees while slowly lifting using knee and hip muscles. Be sure to stand straight up. When setting the object down, you should use the same muscles and squat.

Losing excess weight is also a good strategy for reducing back pain. In addition, regular exercise can prevent back pain that might occur in the future as it strengthens core muscles. In turn, these muscles support the back.

Back pain can severely impact the quality of life of the person suffering from it. Accordingly, when possible it is a good idea to take steps to prevent it. Taking these steps might even prevent such an injury from occurring in the first place. 

Source: Medline Plus, "Returning to work," Accessed Dec. 4, 2014

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