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Truck accident leaves three Amish passengers dead

A truck accident in York County, Pennsylvania, between a van and a cement truck, claimed three lives Monday. The three passengers were members of the Amish community and were being driven in a van, when the van pulled out in front of cement truck. The two male passengers died at the horrific scene in York County. The third victim was pregnant and the injuries suffered claimed her life and caused her child to be stillborn.

According to authorities charges have yet to be filed against the driver who was transporting the group, but a Pennsylvanian State Trooper did tell reporters that it was evident that the driver of the van was at fault for the accident.

Often when people seek compensation for an automobile accident they think they must be a driver of either vehicle, but they are mistaken. As a driver you are responsible for the safety of the passengers in your vehicle. This is very important to keep in mind as not only a driver but as a passenger too.

In fact, the largest verdict in Lawrence County history was a $15.6 million verdict won by Dallas W. Hartman for a Lawrence County man that was a passenger in a vehicle.

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Source: NBC News "Amish Die In Crash With Cement Truck in Pennsylvania" 11 November 2014

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