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Truck accident closes westbound lane of I-80

A truck accident between two tractor-trailers closed one of the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 last Wednesday. This accident happened in the early morning in Venango County, Pennsylvania. This incident in Emlenton, Pennsylvania occurred when one of the drivers swerved to avoid a deer. This caused the driver to lose control. The vehicle then flipped on its side taking up both lanes. The second driver then unavoidably collided with the overturned vehicle. The overturned vehicle was split in half from the collision.

The first responders were in shock to find no serious injuries even though the collision was very violent. A driver was taken to the hospital to address a cut he suffered on his forehead, and the other driver suffered a minor leg injury.

Both westbound lanes had to be shut down as the contents of both trucks were scattered all over the highway. It took about 8 hours to clear the wreckage from the road.

As a driver you must always be alert. You can never know what is around the turn ahead. Whether it is a deer or in this case an overturned semi-truck, the roads are a dangerous place that require you, as a driver, to always be on the lookout.

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Source: WTAE. "Westbound lane of I-80 still closed after two tractor-trailers crashed". 12 November 2014.

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