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Falling object kills man on construction site

In previous posts we have discussed some of the risks that construction workers face each day. One of those risks is falling objects. A man working at a construction site in another state was recently involved in an accident of this type. Though the object that fell weighed only one pound, it inflicted serious injuries upon the man when it struck him upon his head. He was transported to any area hospital where he later died. 

Prior to hitting the man, the object, a tape measure, fell approximately 50 stories. According to authorities, before it hit the man it struck another piece of equipment. At the time of the incident, the man, who was delivering drywall, was speaking to another person in a vehicle and pulled his head out just before the tape measure struck him. He was not wearing a hard hat.

The incident appears to be a freak accident. The tape measure fell off the belt of a worker positioned 50 stories above.

Regardless of why the incident occurred, it is likely that the wife and children of the 58-year-old man are stunned by his sudden death. They may also be worried about how they will get by financially in the future.

In the state of Pennsylvania, most businesses are required to purchase workers' compensation insurance. These policies provide some compensation to workers whose workers' compensation claims are accepted. Death benefits may also be available via this process. When an initial claim is denied, the assistance of a lawyer in appealing that denial can be beneficial.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Construction Worker Killed By Falling Tape Measure in Jersey City," Derek Kravitz, Nov. 3, 2014

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