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Youngstown pedestrian accident leaves man with two broken legs

Pedestrian accidents in the Youngstown area seem to be in the news a lot lately. When people are hurt in pedestrian accidents, there are often so many questions from family members and victims that aren't asked because they're caught up in the emotion of the accident and subsequent injuries. When this happens, insurance companies can use a victim's sensitive state against them and have them settle out of court for pennies on the dollar. If you have been hit by a motor vehicle, it is important that you lock down an experienced pedestrian accidents lawyer to represent you in the face giant insurance firms.

Early Tuesday morning at about 12:30 a.m., two people were hit by a vehicle as they crossed a street in Youngstown. The elderly couple was reportedly crossing Market Street near the Hilton Avenue intersection when the accident happened. Witnesses say the two had just gotten off of a WRTA bus before they were hit and injured.

Police told reporters that the vehicle and driver in question were heading on Market Street near Midlothian Boulevard and negotiating a turn onto Hilton Avenue when he struck the two pedestrians.

Police say that the elderly couple was quickly taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center. While both are considered to be in stable condition at the moment, the man is said have broken both of his legs.

There is currently no word about whether or not the driver was using drugs or alcohol, but police are expecting to comment further on the situation once their investigation is complete.

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Source: WKBN, "Couple hit crossing the street in Youngstown" 16 September 2014

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