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PA State Troopers attacked: one injured, one killed

On Friday evening, two Pennsylvania State Troopers were ambushed by unknown assailants in the parking lot of the Blooming Grove barracks in Pike County, northeastern PA. Investigators say the attack took place shortly before 11 p.m. on Friday night.

On Saturday morning, the PA State Police held a live news conference from the 911 Center in Pike County. PA State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan told those watching that the attack was an all-out "ambush" and that it took place during the officers' shift change, so it was very likely premeditated, and that he was almost certain the attack was completely "directed at" PA State Police officers.

Mr. Noonan said that one of the officers' shifts was ending and the other's was beginning when the attack began. As of now, Mr. Noonan said that they do not have anyone in custody, nor do they have a description of the attackers. Noonan also said that that they're not sure how many shooters there were or if it was just one shooter.

The Blooming Grove State Police barracks is located along Route 402 in rural Pike County. The back of the property is covered with dense woods. Police believe the shooter(s) may have been hiding out in the woods, waiting for officers to show up or leave. The barracks is currently being blocked off and a concentrated manhunt is ongoing. PA State Police are exhausting every effort they have at their disposal, including the use of helicopters and help from neighboring state police in New Jersey and New York. They have also set up checkpoints throughout the mountainous area.

One of the officers died during the shooting and the other was in critical condition, but has since been upgraded. Police plan on questioning him as soon as possible. Memorial contributions for the fallen officer can be sent or made to the:

Corporal Bryon K. Dickson II Memorial Fund c/o NBT Bank

1230 O'Neill Highway

Dunmore, Pennsylvania 18512

Police say they are fairly sure that the suspect is not in the area of the shooting any longer and say that they will continue to scour mountainsides and towns throughout the Poconos until the suspect is found.


Source:, "Pennsylvania State Trooper Shot and Killed in Blooming Grove" 13 September 2014 

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