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Drugged Kittanning man starts chain reaction of car accidents

Car accidents can be a difficult thing to face for the family of the victims involved. They can be especially difficult for the victim once he or she begins to heal from the injuries they suffered. When the other driver is intoxicated or on prescription drugs, however, it can be a much tougher pill to swallow; especially when one considers the accident could have been avoided if the other driver had made the right decisions.

Pennsylvania State Police are currently waiting for test results from a lab that is testing analyzing the blood of a driver who caused thousands in damage and hospital bills when he ran a red light and slammed into a car, causing a chain reaction that led to other vehicles being damaged and people being injured.

The accident happened this past Saturday in West Kittanning when a 25-year-old man from Adrian, PA was driving along Butler Road and crashed into another vehicle that was stopped at the Route 268 intersection shortly before midnight, according to PA State Police.

The initial vehicle the suspect hit was driven by a 52-year-old Pittsburgh man who then hit into a 54-year-old Allison Park man who in turn hit into a 51-year-old Kittanning woman who was driving a pick-up truck.

The PA State Trooper on the scene told reporters that he believes the suspect was under the influence of a "controlled substance," and that he believe the substance mixed with the driver's medical condition is what led to the accident. The trooper said that the man "…was in no shape to be driving."

Only one of the people involved were said have suffered any significant injuries during the accident, but damage was done to all vehicles involved. The injured man was taken to a local hospital. Police say that in addition to driving while under the influence of a controlled substance, the suspect's license was suspended.

Source:, "Drug use, medical problems cited as cause of West Kittanning crash" 16 September 2014

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