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Construction worker injured in accident involving circular saw

There are multiple ways in which a construction worker might be injured in the course of his or her job. In addition to being hurt by a falling object, they themselves could fall resulting in serious injury. The tools they use can also pose a risk to their health. A man in another state is dealing with that reality now. He was injured while using a circular saw.

Though it is not clear what the man was cutting when the incident occurred, the saw is generally used to cut through concrete of metal. As he was using the tool something happened that caused the circular blade to separate from the tool and become impaled in his chest.

The man survived the accident and was even conscious when rescue workers attended to him. As he made his way to the hospital a spokesman for the fire department that responded to the scene indicated that a portion of the blade was still in his body at that time.

While the extent of his injuries is not clear, it is likely that if the man is able to return to work it will only be after a period of time during which he can heal. As a worker heals from a serious injury he or she should not need to worry about where the money to pay bills and basic living expenses will come from. Fortunately in many cases an injured worker may be able to secure workers' compensation benefits.

In addition to workers' compensation benefits it is possible that the construction worker could also pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer of the power saw. To be successful in a civil lawsuit he would need to demonstrate that a defect with the saw–possibly the design–played a role in his injury.

Source: The Star Tribune, "Circular blade becomes detached from power saw, impales Houston construction worker in chest," Associated Press, Aug. 25, 2014

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