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Tractor trailer driver injured when milk truck bursts into flames

Workers' compensation claims can stem from a countless number of problems that one might encounter on the job. Generally, when you read about a truck accident on this blog, it's because of a multi-vehicle pile-up on one of our surround major highways; however, what happens when a truck driver is doing his or her job as usual and the accident isn't their fault, or, as in this case, when a truck driver is hurt on the job through no fault of their own?

A commercial-sized milk delivery truck burst into flames on Sunday evening and shut down eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 for approximately thirty minutes. The accident happened near exit 29 at around 10:30 p.m. Sunday night. 

Emergency crews reported that they received several calls about a tractor trailer with a front end that was fully engulfed in flames. Both the Belle Valley Fire Department and Kuhl Hose were called to the scene of the accident to help–with the former doing the brunt of the work and the latter there for support and extra water. Police say the fire was put out within ten minutes.

The driver of the milk truck was injured in the accident. Police say she was attempting to put the flames out herself with the cabin's fire extinguisher when a tire on the rig exploded, sending hard rubber shrapnel shooting in all directions, and injuring the woman in the face and neck.

The Belle Valley Fire Department chief told reporters that when he and his crew arrived at the scene, they saw the injured driver and when they asked her what happened, she told them the tire had exploded in her face as she was attempting to douse flames near the axle.

The truck is apparently owned by T&T Haulers, Incorporated of Arab, Alabama and first responders say that the truck was indeed shipping milk. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. There is no word yet on the extent of the driver's injuries.

Source: WICU, "Milk Truck Catches Fire on I-90, Driver Injured" 5 May 2014

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