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Pennsylvania worker rescued from manhole

A worker in the state of Pennsylvania need not have an inherently dangerous job to be injured while working. Workers' compensation could be available to any worker who is hurt in the course of his or her job. This is because nearly all employers in the state of Pennsylvania are required to carry a workers' compensation insurance policy.

Despite this requirement, the benefits are not guaranteed. Injured parties must file a claim for them and it is not uncommon for these workers' compensation claims to initially be denied. Such a claim might be denied if the worker is note deemed to be injured seriously enough. In other situations a worker might not be granted the benefits because the medical records submitted with the claim are insufficient. Regardless of the reason for a denial, it is possible to appeal the decision.

A man who was hurt in a Pennsylvania workplace accident earlier this month may seek such benefits. The highway worker fell as he attempted to scale a ladder leading out of a manhole. The fall occurred after he slipped on one of the rungs.

Following the man's fall emergency responders were summoned. They managed to pull the man from the hole. Once he was out, the worker was able to walk to the awaiting ambulance and he was transported to a hospital. The nature and extent of his injuries is not clear.

In situations where workers' compensation claims are denied the first step most people usually take is contact a lawyer for assistance.

Source: WFMJ, "Man trapped in SE Pa. manhole rescued," The Associated Press, May 12, 2014

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