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One of three Erie pedestrian accidents takes life this weekend

Losing a loved one in a pedestrian accident can be a very difficult thing to overcome as a family. It's sad when innocent pedestrians are walking along a sidewalk or through a parking lot and are then hit when they least expect it. Pedestrian accidents have been happening at an unusually high rate over the past few months. Those who are involved, or who have family involved in pedestrian accident, are encouraged to secure a quality pedestrian accident attorney.

Police in Erie are currently investigating a fatal pedestrian accident that happened shortly after 9 p.m. on Sunday evening. The accident happened right in front of the Knights of Saint John Club, close to Yum Yum's Pizza and Odis 12 Bar and Grille, on West 26th Street near Poplar Street.

Witnesses along the road say that they saw a darkly colored Buick four-door sedan heading west down 26th Street when it struck two people who were believed to have been heading into the club. Witnesses say that they saw Erie police conducting field sobriety tests on the driver and that the driver was eventually taken into custody.

Another pedestrian told reporters that he heard the thud and turned right away toward the accident. He said that, by the sound, he knew it was very serious. When he and other witnesses went to help the elderly couple, the two of them were not moving, but that the man eventually tried to get up and that they encouraged him to remain on the ground and wait for an ambulance.

Upon interviewing police, interviewers confirmed that a 66-year-old woman died on her way to UPMC Hamot's Trauma Unit. Police say the woman's husband, also 66, was taken to Hamot as well and underwent emergency surgery. The man is expected to survive, but there is no word yet on his present condition.

Source: WICU, "Police Investigate Deadly Car Pedestrian Accident" 12 May 2014

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