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Erie accident leaves two people injured

Interstate 90 is again reopened after a western Erie accident. First responders and clean-up crews freed up the interstate after an accident involving a jackknifed commercial tractor trailer and a car along I-90 near mile-marker 13, between Route 18 and Route 98.

Pennsylvania State Police say the accident looked far worse than it actually was, but that the two people who sustained injuries were taken away in critical condition.

The National Weather Service reported that the stretch of highway in question was particularly icy around the time of the accident and police say it looked as though weather may have been a factor. Erie County officials issued a warning around the time of the accident that drivers should heed caution, but have since neither confirmed nor denied road conditions during the accident.

The five and a half inches of snow that fell around the area have been abnormally troublesome since they came right after a short period of warm weather. County workers say that although they heard temperatures would again drop, they did not think that that much more ice and snow was to come.

Source:, "I-90 reopens following accident in western Erie County" 13 March 2014

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