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Bulldozer driver killed at Pennsylvania worksite

There is no question that large pieces of construction equipment make it possible to complete certain jobs much easier and more quickly than in the past. While most of the time workers use this equipment without incident, when an accident does occur, the outcome can be devastating. It could lead to serious injuries, or in the worst cases, even death.

A fatal accident involving a Caterpillar bulldozer occurred earlier this month in a Pennsylvania community. A 23-year-old man who was operating the bulldozer, died when he was trapped beneath it. According to the coroner on the case, an investigation indicated that before the bulldozer trapped him, the man was thrown from the equipment as it flipped sideways on a small hill that was frozen. At the time, the man was working to clear a logging road.

As a part of the investigation that was conducted the bulldozer was looked over. Though the coroner indicated it was in good shape, the machine, which was approximately 40 years old, did not have safety equipment that newer models are now outfitted with, such as a seatbelt or safety harness. Though no one knows for sure, it is possible that these devices could have changed the outcome of the incident.

Sometimes when fatal workplace accidents occur in the state of Pennsylvania, the family of the worker who died might file a wrongful death lawsuit against the employer or any other party deemed to be responsible for the death. When an accident results in serious injuries, workers’ compensation benefits might be sought.

Source: The Bradford Era, “Youngsville man killed at Potter County work site,” Amanda Jones, March 20, 2014

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