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Illegal U-turn leads to I-680 accident and injuries

The Interstate 680 commute in Youngstown came to a snail-pace on Thursday morning when a two-vehicle accident caused delays for many people on their way to work.

Police say the accident happened along I-680 southbound during the morning work commute. It is reported that a Honda Accord was making an illegal U-turn when an oncoming Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicle slammed into it. 

Officials report that the driver of the Accord must have been confused and attempted to turn the vehicle in order to get back on the right track when the Mercedes barreled into it. The accident happened not far from the 7-11 connector near exit three.

Youngstown police say that traffic was backed up for some time while first responders and clean-up crews cleared the wreckage and attended to the injured. There were several ambulances called to the scene of the accident and at least one person was taken to an area hospital. There was no word on the injured party's condition as of Friday morning. Police are continuing to investigate and the driver of the Honda will likely be sited for careless driving, among other things.

If you get turned around or realize you're heading the wrong way, please don't decide to make an illegal U-turn in the middle of the road. Travel further down the road and find an intersection or parking lot that will allow to legally get back on track. This is yet another accident that was clearly avoidable if not for the poor decision making of a negligent driver.

Source: WFMJ, "Two vehicle crash ties up traffic on I-680 in Youngstown" 9 January 2014

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