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Dallas Hartman speaks in honor of retired Penn State Chancellor Fred Leeds

Dallas Hartman of Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. joined other Penn State alums, friends, and family as they gathered to honor former professor and chancellor, Fred Leeds, after his retirement on New Year's Eve. Former students of Leeds and other Penn Staters have begun the Dr. Fredric M. Leeds Trustee Scholarship in an effort to recognize Dr. Leeds for forty-two years of selfless service to the university, its students, and other faculty. Director of development and alumni relations, Steve Hessmann, announced the scholarship at the Shenango McDowell Scholarship Dinner last week.

Hessmann made the announcement after two former students, one of whom is Dallas Hartman, spoke in memory of their good times as a student of Dr. Leeds. Hartman told guests, among other things, that it was Dr. Leeds's inspiration in the classroom which led to a great deal of his driver toward success later in life. 

Dallas Penn State Scholarship.JPGThe Leeds Scholarship has been convened by more than a hundred contributors, donating greater than $70,000 in the retired dignitary's name. In addition, a new university-wide scholarship matching program promises to match 10% of the private donations, an increase in the university's old 5% match. Penn State officials say that the 10% match, which is nearly double the endowment's yearly spendable income, will helps hundreds of prospective students who have succeeded or will succeed in the near future, especially those in financial need.

Leeds spoke, saying: "What makes this scholarship meaningful to me is that it was established by my colleagues, my former students, my friends, and my family. It is gratifying to retire on a high note, knowing that generations of Shenango students will benefit from the kindness of those for whom I have sincere affection."

Attorney Hartman, who is a graduate of the Dickinson School of Law and father of a current Penn State student and Blue Band member, was honored to be asked to speak on Dr. Leeds's behalf. Hartman recognizes the university's long-lasting, student-centered research in the United States and around the globe, and is proud to be part of an institution and its people whose magnanimity is known the world over.

Source:, "Trustee scholarship announced in honor of Shenango Chancellor Leeds" 7 January 2014

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