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Commercial trucking accident sends two people to hospital

A trucking accident on Interstate 76 in Mahoning County, Ohio shut down the eastbound lane for several hours on Monday.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol told reporters that they are investigating the accident, which involved a commercial tractor trailer, a flatbed truck, and a tanker truck, as well as other passenger vehicles that were on the highway at the time.

Police say that the accident took place just before 11 a.m. on Monday morning. They believe that a snow squall may have been partially to blame for the multi-vehicle crash that had clean-up crews working for well over two hours to clear the scene. The accident happened slightly west of the Portage/Mahoning County line. First responders are said to have taken two people to a local hospital to be treated, but there is still no word on their identity or condition.

Police are withholding the details of the accident until they have gathered enough information to provide an in-depth report of the events that took place and led to the pile-up. Police were adamant in telling news crews that although they are not 100% positive that snowy conditions caused the crash, it is imperative that people take it easy on the highway when weather is inclement. Snow squalls can come quickly, without warning, and are followed by blinding, white-out conditions that can make any commute and absolute treacherous one, especially when there are multi-ton tractor trailers travelling at high speeds all around you on the highway.

When truckers want to pass, the best thing to do keep your pace with the legal speed limit and move to the right lane so that they can safely pass you. There is really only one effective way to ensure your well-being when you're driving: slow down and don't make any sudden changes of direction.  

Source: WFMJ, "White out condition on I-76 lead to multi-vehicle crash" 27 January 2014

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