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Ohio hospital staff negligence led to needed kidney being tossed

When a person is faced with a serious medical issue, the individual often puts their faith and trust into the medical team that could be working on their case. However, hospital staff negligence is an unfortunate reality that can result in serious detrimental errors taking place. When a person is the victim of a serious error, they may wish to explore their legal options for possibly gaining compensation.

A family in Ohio is currently pursuing a case after alleged negligence led to a young woman not being able to receive a kidney transplant. The patient was set to receive a kidney from her younger brother, who had one of his kidneys removed for the process. However, a staff member at the medical center reportedly threw the kidney away before the transplant took place.

The family's case is currently under review as they are claiming the parents of the children involved have suffered loss of consortium. The four siblings of the young woman and young man involved in the incomplete transplant also claimed loss of consortium, but that claim was dismissed by the court. The family is still looking to show the negative impact that the situation has had on the entire family.

Such hospital staff negligence could result in serious issues for the patients involved as well as the rest of the family. As the family pursues their case, they may wish to stay updated on relevant Ohio state laws that could help bolster their case. Such serious errors should not be cast aside, and the family could be entitled to compensation if their case proves successful.

Source:, 4 siblings dismissed from UTMC kidney suit, Vanessa McCray, Nov. 19, 2013

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